Foods to Avoid if You Have a Gluten Intolerance

If you have celiac disease or other health concerns that cause removal of gluten from the diet, it is imperative to pay attention to labels of the foods that you eat to ensure that you are not accidentally ingesting the additive.  It might seem difficult to remove gluten from your life but it is not as difficult as most people assume. You can easily find a gluten free food list online at no charge, print it off and refer to it as necessary. But it is also important that you can spot those off-limit foods too.

Say No to These Foods

Pasta, bread and crackers are the most common gluten-containing foods that people consume. It is important to avoid these foods and the ingredient used in their preparation. But, if you aren’t a Rachel Ray type, how do you know what is inside of these foods? You should read the labels carefully but that requires the knowledgeable of the ingredients and foods that you should avoid.

This is not a gluten free food list but it is just as important! Instead, it’s a list of the foods that you should make every precaution to avoid. Make sure these foods are not on your menu after your diagnosis or decision to live gluten-free since they’re all products that will harbor your success.

·    Chicken Broth

·    Rye

·    Oats

·    Couscous

·    Emmer

·    Matzo

·    Barley

·    Kamut

·    Wheat Bran

·    Soy Sauce

·    Faro

·    Cracked Wheat

·    Wheat Starch

·    Farina

·    Bulgur

·    Durum

·    Einkorn

·    Graham Flour

·    Wheat Germ

·    Malt Vinegar

·    Gliadin

Foods to Love

It might seem this list is long and prevents you from enjoying a lot of foods, but there are still so many delicious gluten-free foods that you can enjoy as well. You need to make only minimal changes to adhere to this type of diet.

gluten free food list

Some of these foods include:

–    Fish

–    Dairy products

–    Quinoa

–    Rice

–    Vinegar

–    Chickpeas

–    Fruit

–    Buckwheat

–    Seafood

–    Legumes

–    Corn

–    Turkey

–    Eggs

–    Beans

–    Vegetables

–    Eggs

–    Arrowroot

–    Nuts/Seeds

–    Chicken

Live a New Life

There are changes necessary to live a gluten-free life. It does take time to adjust to these changes and your new diet. Nonetheless, once you make the adjustments, it is easy to maintain this diet without compromising a lot of the foods that you love or without forsaking great taste. Use this information to your advantage and you are ready to live a healthy life! Something that has been taking the industry by storm is CBD. CBD oils have been proven to improve general well being and actually boost quality of life. It even works great with low carb diets and training programmes. We personally recommend a company called CBDPure. After trying them out for a few weeks, we saw some incredible results. Of course, not all of these products work the same for everyone so make sure to do your own research and read cbdpure reviews before buying.